the Motorcycle Grand Prix at the Sachsenring has now fairground character if at the race track, on campsites Ankerberg or the Market Square in the center, here's what's going on.

The race track is 3671m long, has 10 left & 3 right turns, 24 boxes, 2 tunnels, footbridge & places for about 120,000 spectators, paddock, event & gyms.

Partner-Hotels: Complimentary, arranging Private hotels
near Sachsenring or at the touch of cheap shuttle services might Minimum stay period (MotoGP).

History: After WW1, on Ascension Day in 1927 was held on a winding road course near the castle town of Hohenstein-Ernstthal the first motorcycle race in 1934 was the Grand Prix of Germany first place and of course now became the legendary "Sachsenring". After the Second World War, the GDR regime was only able to build on the old successes for a short time, but failed due to cost-intensive security regulations. After In 1998, the GrandPrix circus returned to the histor. Place.

Current racing events 2022

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